Josh Simmons Photography

Josh Simmons Photography is a portfolio website that showcases some of his best photography! He has stunning photos from around the world during his various travels! He also has photos from weddings, concerts and other events!

What was required

Josh wanted a modern/contemporary website that could showcase a wide range of images he had taken during his travels. He wanted the ability to easily upload images and have the future ability to write and upload blogs.

He wanted to ensure all images would be of a high quality and wanted the website to be easy to navigate, so the people can quickly scroll through the photos that were large and very detailed.

What we produced

We were able to create a modern, stylish website that was able to show a vast range of photos that were well optimised. Our main priority was to create a functional piece, so that the images could be loaded quickly, whilst also showing them in high quality. This was achieved by loading them at an optimised size and allowing the user to click on them to expand and display them at a high resolution.

We ensured that the website was image heavy and was pleasing on the eye. The site is easy to navigate and helps promote his work to a wider audience.